SR 22 Car Insurance In North Carolina: Get The Important Facts Before Buying

North Carolina is one of the few U.S. states that do not require SR-22 car insurance. The “SR” in SR-22 stands for “Safety Responsibility.” This document is filed by your car insurance company and submitted to the state to prove that you have the minimum required liability coverage.

Who Needs To Show Their SR-22?

In states other than North Carolina, you may be asked to show your SR-22 to reinstate your driving privileges following an uninsured accident, traffic-related offense (like a DUI), or license suspension. In some cases, you may need an SR-22 for up to 3 years — if you drove without insurance or on a suspended license. If you were busted for driving while intoxicated, you could be asked to carry an SR-22 for up to five years.

What If I Recently Moved To NC? Do I Still Need To File An SR-22?

If you have an SR-22 from another state, but move to North Carolina, you still have to file the SR-22 in your former state. Even if the minimum insurance requirements are lower in North Carolina, you still have to carry the minimum of the state your driver’s license was issued from — at least until you get a North Carolina state driver’s license.

Is There A Downside To Driving In North Carolina Without The SR-22?

While it may seem great to have fewer driving restrictions placed on you, there are some disadvantages to driving in a state that does not require motorists to carry SR-22 car insurance. People who relocate to NC may have trouble getting their out-of-state SR-22 filed, as most local insurance companies won’t file this. Also, many people do not feel comfortable driving around in a state where people have no proof of minimum liability insurance. That doesn’t necessarily matter in a no-fault state, but North Carolina is a liability state… so drivers must beware!

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